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about us

The Designer

I always knew that I wanted to work with my hands and do creation. Already very young, the scissors, the colored boxes, the supplies and the DIY books permanently littered the floor of my room. The tools and materials have since changed and after studying fashion design and leather goods, I decided to start a business in 2009. I first started under my name with a collection made entirely of leather. But I miss the mixture of different textures. So i create Rouge Cerise in 2014, a line of accessories where different materials and techniques meet.

Hope to share my passion with you!



The company

First there is the name. Rouge Cerise expresses my creativity and my personality. The color red has always been my favorite. It was therefore natural to make the name that would represent my creations.

Then there are the accessories, their design and their manufacture. I am inspired by what I like, fashion, music, nature and the woman herself to design them. The sketch pages are then replaced by prototypes. Then come the production. All in my Montreal workshop. The quality of the accessories is a priority for me. Each material and each jewelry is chosen with care. Nothing is left to chance. The knowledge learned as much in fashion as in leather goods allows me to associate appropriate mounting techniques to offer a quality accessory.