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How to maintain your Rouge Cerise handbag?

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How to maintain your Rouge Cerise handbag?

 Choosing slowfashion means choosing an accessory that you want to be sustainable. Afterwards, it is important to take care of this accessory to maximize its lifespan and improve its appearance as it ages.

 The same goes for Rouge Cerise. With proper maintenance, you will see yours age beautifully.

 Leather, even after tanning, is a living material. He therefore needs to be hydrated and protected. Over time, the sun's rays, humidity, sweat, oils and heat can alter the waterproof properties of leather, its color, suppleness and finish. Leathers that do not have protectors can also sometimes stain clothing.


Actions to take in prevention

 So that your Rouge Cerise accessory keeps its look for a long time, I recommend waterproofing the entire bag at least twice a year, or more if needed. I definitely adopted silicone spray protectors for this task. They are as effective on leather as they are on fabrics, are transparent and easy to use. Of course, always test the product on a small, hidden area before use. And don't forget the shoulder straps and handles! They are in direct contact with the body and sweat, and may require more attention than the bag itself.


How to save dry leather?

 Have you neglected your bag and the leather is stiff and dry? It's not too late to bring him back to life! Leather is a porous material, it will absorb oily substances. Leather moisturizers do an exceptional job. Moisturize well by massaging the leather and repeat as needed after 24 hours. Protect with the spray protector afterwards and voilà! Your bag is saved!



 Removing stains from a bag is not always easy. Since it cannot be put in the washing machine, it will have to be washed on the stain only. On fabric parts, stain remover sticks generally work quite well. On the leather parts there are cleaners for this purpose. Again, always try products on a small, hidden area before use. Unfortunately, depending on the nature of the stain and the nature of the leather or fabric, some stains will be permanent and will become part of the history of your accessory!


 Prevention through protectors will always remain the best solution to keep the beautiful look of your accessory!