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4/6 The details

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4/6 The details

Some small details give a special touch to the pieces. Most of the time, these are things you don't even see. But I see them and I know they are there! My perfectionism and obsession with these details sometimes I have to think hard for weeks to settle certain details that bother me. Like the time when I couldn't find a good quality loop in the shape I wanted. I searched all my hardware suppliers without success so I used a double belt buckle from which I removed the barb (the articulated point which is used to fasten the belt) instead to have exactly what I wanted. I do not compromise.

A very personal task that I particularly like to do is the production of my labels. They are cut and hot-stamped one by one, by hand. It's like signing each bag, each wallet. The machine used for embossing is very simple. My brass matrix is ​​ultra precise. It is inserted on a tray which keeps it in place and heated to the desired temperature. I then press the matrix on the leather and the combination of the right temperature and the right pressure comes to make a perfect embossing.

There are also details in the execution. Sometimes I prefer to go back to a more traditional technique to guarantee accuracy. Some tools may seem very practical, this is the case of the hand pressing machine. I use this tool to crush the rivets and install the snaps, among other things, and it is also possible to use it to make holes with different punches. For sure, it is less difficult for the arms to manipulate the hand press but I found that to make the holes, it was not practical, it lacked precision and it took me as much time as hammering them with a mallet and a manual punch. So I came back to my mallet and my punches.

It is in these details that we realize that everything is in the hands of the person handling it. Agility, thoroughness, perfectionism. One millimeter aside and the series of holes on a belt is no longer aligned. And it shows. Of course, when everything is done by hand, the error rate is higher. This does not mean that it necessarily compromises the quality of a product but it is definitely my goal to minimize these small errors!


Next text, sewing! Crucial step, since it is during assembly that we generally know if everything that has been done before has been well executed!